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Winner of the Dassault Systemes

Community Impact Award:

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Winner of the Franco-British Business Award for Community Impact, Decathlon donated snorkelling masks to NHS hospitals to aid in Covid-19 treatment.

Early in the pandemic, sports retailer Decathlon stopped sales of their full-face snorkel masks to donate their supply to hospitals across Europe, at a time when respirators were in short supply.

Thousands of their EasyBreath masks were retrofitted by medical professionals and used as C-PAP ventilators for treatment of Covid-19 patients by health services including the NHS and the Foundation Hopitaux de Paris.

Decathlon UK is honored to be recognised for its positive community impacts, aligned with our company purpose and mission. We dedicate this award to all our Decathlon teammates: they are change makers!
Delphine Mazillier
Community Impact Coordinator, Decathlon UK

Looking back on the Community Impact Award

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