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Winner of the Dassault Systemes

Sustainability Award:

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Winner of the 2020 Franco-British Business Award for Sustainability, Cheeky Panda is a disruptor in the household goods sector, using sustainably-sourced bamboo for toilet tissue and wipes.

In a country where the average Briton gets through 127 rolls of toilet paper each year, there are growing concerns about deforestation and the use of plastics in a range of household tissues and wipes.

Enter Cheeky Panda, a start-up with B-Corp certification, founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Chris Forbes and Julie Chen, who saw the opportunity to make use of the bi-products of the bamboo harvest to produce sustainable alternatives to tree-based toilet tissues.

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The Cheeky Panda is delighted to be awarded the Franco British Business Award in the category Sustainability, beating well-established and much larger companies! Sustainability is the core of our business; we believe that with small changes, we can all make a world of difference.
Chris Forbes
Co-Founder, The Cheeky Panda

Looking back on the Sustainability Award

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