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Winner of the Sanofi

Innovation Award:

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Winner of the 2020 Franco-British Business Award for Innovation, Action Sustainability was recognised for its software solution which helps companies in the built environment sector track and analyse their sustainability performance.

As the appetite for sustainable businesses grows, with investors, consumers and the wider pubic, so too does the need for accurate and reliable measurement and reporting of a range of sustainability metrics, from carbon emissions to social impact.

The Sustainability Tool, launched eighteen months ago, collects and analyses environment and socio-economic data reported by teams, systems and suppliers, and is currently in use by large construction and estate management companies such as Grosvenor and Bouygues Energies and Services.

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Winning this award brings great pride to our team. We now look forward to joining the Chamber, a great opportunity to gain further visibility and to continue to drive positive environmental and social change.
Charles Naud
Sustainability Consultant, Action Sustainability

Looking back on the Innovation Award

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